About me

I never wanted to get married or have kids. So I guess it’s odd to start out my “about” page with these facts:

  • I’m 34 years old
  • I’ve been married since 2005
  • I have identical twin girls, born in November 2008 (birth story updated here)
  • Child #3, a female singleton, was conceived by accident. Born in December of 2010, her birth story here.
  • I accidentally got pregnant with our fourth child while still nursing the third at 14 months old (yes, I know where babies come from). Baby #4 is a boy, born in October 2012. Birth story here.
  • I’m a former editor turned stay-at-home mom.

Like many other mamas, I started this blog in late 2007 as a way to keep friends and family apprised of my pregnancies and babies. I say “pregnancies” because I miscarried very early in the pregnancy in January of 2008. Subsequently, we conceived our twin daughters. When they were freshly weaned from breastfeeding at 16.5 months, I got pregnant with our third daughter.

About my twins

I constantly get questions about my twins. Here are the basics:

  • They are both girls
  • They are identical
  • Their names are Elise and Althea
  • Yes, my husband and I both have twins in our families. However, those are fraternal twins, which are supposedly genetic on the mother’s side. Identicals, it is theorized, are spontaneous and can happen to anyone.
  • No, we did not use any fertility drugs or treatments
  • As in, yes, they were unplanned
  • As in, well, we planned to get pregnant, but we never expected it’d be with twins
  • My kids were breastfed until 16.5 months old
  • They were both born vaginally
  • No, it’s not “double trouble,” I do not “have my hands full,” and I HATE it when you say “better you than me” — because you’re right. You couldn’t handle it.

About the spousal unit

My husband, Chris, is a lazy jerk who’s only good for taking out the trash and killing bugs. But he loves me and his kids with all his heart and soul. And he’s hot. So I keep him around.

About this blog

This blog really is a personal hobby. The writing can be shoddy at times. My categories need serious work and the disorganization only starts there. I don’t post ads, I don’t get money for anything I recommend or link to, I don’t review merchandise and I don’t host giveaways. Thus, I’m not always “on the ball,” “in the zone,” “funny,” “insightful,” “thought provoking,” “family friendly,” or “safe for work.” (Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing Chris Farley with air quotes?)


If you read what I write, I’d love for you to leave a comment. In any case, thanks for reading. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and I love you.

One thought on “About

  1. Mi querida sobrina Idoia,
    Espero que recuerdes a tu tía Lorea de Vitoria.
    Me parece increíble que vayas a ser madre de gemelas (y yo tía-abuela, ¡qué horror!) aunque supongo que ya sabrás que nosotros tenemos aquí unos primos mellizos (Jorge y Fernando). Igual es por ahí de donde te viene la herencia…
    Espero que todo te vaya muy muy muy bien, que sea rápido y verás que en cuanto les veas la carita se te olvidará todo el susto que has pasado.
    Muchos besos,

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