Down and Out

I’m turning 36 on Sunday. I love birthdays! Normally! But I’m not feeling it right now.

Right this minute, I just feel plain ole nasty. My hair is frizzier by the day, my skin is sun damaged and constantly broken out, my body is awkward, my clothes suck. Nothing fits right or makes me feel good about my appearance. I barely know how to dress myself anyway. I feel like a teenager entering high school — totally and completely uncomfortable in my own skin.

It’s ironic. Mentally, I’m feeling (generally) more at ease. But on the outside, I look like I’ve been run over by a golf cart. Go figure that when my body looked awesome, my mind was in shambles. We can’t have it all, now can we? Perhaps this is the Great Secret of Life: The uglier the skin, the wiser the soul. I must be the Buddha herself.

I don’t know what my plan is for this, other than more vodka.

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