One-year Checkup

Elias  had his one-year checkup this week. Unreal. Here’s a nice, boring post for the three of you left reading my blog.


Finally! He is sleeping through the night! Except when he doesn’t! Moving him out of our room at 9 1/2 months old seemed to have done the trick. His night waking diminished. If he wakes now, it’s almost always around 4am, and just the one time.

He wakes for the day around 6:45am and bedtime is 7pm. He takes two naps a day still: one at 9:15am, another between 2-3pm.

The problems between Elias and Amaia came to a head recently. They were sharing a room, but Amaia became so physical toward him that I started to fear for his life in her room overnight. It sucks, but I literally couldn’t sleep. So Elias and Elise are sharing a room, and Althea and Amaia are sharing a room. The vowel gods are happy.


Nursing continues to go perfectly! Except when it doesn’t! As his top four teeth were coming in a couple of months back, he started biting occasionally. Fun! Then, his latch went to shit and his teeth started scraping my nipple, which felt about as awesome as it sounds. I had to switch to the football hold for a few weeks while we worked that out, but all is great now.

He nurses 4-6 times a day at this point from both sides. He really loves it and is not too distracted, unlike the other three girls at this stage. I really don’t have any weaning plans right now. I recently joked on Facebook (because that’s where jokes really count, right?) that I would stop nursing Elias once I make it to the cover of Time. So there.

As for solids, he’s officially a plate to prepare. He eats almost everything everyone else eats at this point. Making breakfast looks like an assembly line at my house. He can drink from a sippy cup and a straw. He has no problems drinking expressed milk from a bottle when needed.

After being completely dairy-free for more than six months due to Elias’ milk allergy, I’ve started reintroducing milk products in my diet. I don’t actually buy dairy products, but I will eat cheese or butter if it’s in a food that I eat outside of home. The first few weeks that I ate a little bit of dairy, my stomach would blow up like a balloon.

It’s so weird, really. My husband went from drinking about a gallon of milk a week, to drinking absolutely zero milk of any type. We buy a half-gallon of soy or almond milk, only to have it spoil because no one drinks it. We don’t buy or eat mac ‘n cheese, ice cream, butter, or all of those salty-cheesy snack foods that used to be such a staple in our pantry.

(On the same note, I tried to introduce limited dairy to the older girls for a few weeks. It’s just so easy to buy some string cheese when it’s BOGO at the grocery store and toss it in their lunches. But Amaia’s eternally snotty nose came back, Althea’s ear would bleed when she would scratch it, and all of the girls complained of belly aches and smelly poop.)


Elias weighed in at 20lb 12oz, 30 1/2 inches long. He’s in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.


The question at this stage is, of course, Is  he walking yet? Praise all that is holy in holy heaven, NO! He has started to take one or two small, unassisted steps between objects, though. You can really tell he’s mega excited when he does take his little steps.

He just learned to clap. He doesn’t speak any words yet, but he’s very talkative with babbling. He loves being sung to. He is quick to smile and is generally a sweet, relaxed baby.

Except . . . when he isn’t!

Holy shit, this kid started throwing tantrums this week. Is this normal? He’ll grunt loudly, arch his back, and roll around on the ground if he’s pissed about something. He’ll throw a fit if he’s not ready to sit in his carseat or stroller, or if we pick him up to move him somewhere when he has other ideas. My little Scorpio child is showing his colors early.

Here are the kids on Halloween:

halloween 2013

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  1. I'm not reading, I'm just here for the pictures ;) I love the Halloween picture!!! your children continue to be adorable, beautiful, & handsome. Awesome job!

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