We Are Four

Together since the beginning. Best friends forever. Elise and Althea turn four years old today!

I’m not going to lie — three was ROUGH. People talk about the Terrible Twos, but no one warned me that it was merely a dry run and a ruse for the Fucktastic Threes. The crying, the name-calling, the sassing, the whining, the fighting, the willfulness, my GOD. Rough year.

But, I have to say, this has also been the year that the twins’ personalities have really emerged. I feel like I’m finally getting to know my cryptic little Scorpio children.

Althea is jovial, feminine, bold, and is affected by other people’s emotions. She’s more apt to follow directions and people-please. Althea is our big-picture person — she sees the whole room, all the people, all the fun to be had. When she’s upset, it’s easy to distract or comfort her. She’s more physically demonstrative. She colors in the lines and uses the ‘right’ colors for objects. If something doesn’t come easily, she can be quick to give up. Althea a Daddy’s girl. Interestingly, she defends her older sister and is sometimes bossed around by Elise. Words come easily to her. Her favorite colors are red and pink, and she loves ladybugs and fish. She loves to read, draw, color, and paint.


Elise is complex, complicated, dramatic, and a bit rebellious. She feels deeply and strongly and must be allowed to feel her emotions — there’s really no distracting or comforting her when she’s in the throes of a difficult moment. But, when she’s done, she’s done. She doesn’t hold a grudge and doesn’t entertain long-term punishments. Elise is a detail-oriented person and has been since her earliest cognizant moments; she’ll find the one tiny piece of star-shaped confetti in the middle of a three-ring circus. She is incredibly imaginative and can entertain herself for hours by talking to herself and playing out scenarios with small objects and characters. She loves pizza, sea life, and the color purple. 


I am so, so proud of them and all they are becoming. These two girls made me a mother and continue to show me how to be patient, mindful, present. They have taught me the value of family and have challenged me to find the value in myself. Truly, they are as much my teachers and as I am a parent and teacher to them.

Happy fourth birthday, girls. Feliz cumpleaños. Zorionak! I love you so very much.

We’re four!

10 thoughts on “We Are Four

  1. Congratulations and well done!

    I found your blog when I was about 15 weeks pregnant with my identical twin girls (it showed up in my paranoid search for what size my belly should be at that point–I was worried it wasn't big enough). I read about your pregnancy with them like a novel I couldn't put down, then I went back and read it like a reference book as my pregnancy progressed. You, Althea, and Elisa have been inspirations to me ever since.

    I just delivered my girls (Hazel and Juniper) last Friday, November 9. They had to come early due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, but they are doing great in the hospital.

    I've been meaning to write you a "fan letter" for a while now, and Althea and Elise's birthday gave me the prompt I needed to finally do that. Thank you for sharing your lives with me!

  2. Happy 4th Birthday, Elise!!
    Happy 4th Birthday, Althea!!

    They look beautiful – love the 4 shirts!

    I apologize for not warning you properly. 3 is horrible. I believe that "Terrible Twos' is a joke that parents in-the-know play on first time parents. ("Let's tell them 2 is the bad age and then watch them get blindsided by age 3!")

    Have hope! Turning 4 was almost like a light switch here. They immediately improved from age 3!! (which kicked in really at about 2.5) Even though they had always been a little team, at age 4 I really saw an increase in them playing well together and their imaginations blossomed! You will enjoy it!!! (and 5 was even better! 6 was great, too, (although they talk incessantly)… now they are turning 7 Tuesday… stay tuned. ) If you can survive 3, it's smooth sailing for a good stretch.

    mmm… cake!!!! or 2 cakes!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, girls! Here's to a wonderful year!

    From Pandamomium (who has been getting her a** kicked this year by twin 3-yr olds Althea and Aurora)

  4. Happy birthday to your girls.. I have been following your blog for about a year, since I found out I was pregnant with twins. Now my little boy and girl are about to be 12 weeks old. I wanted to let you know that this blog has helped me get through these rough early weeks relatively unscathed, and helped prepare me for their arrival.. as much as you can be prepared for two newborns! So thank you. I look forward to many more posts!

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